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VostroNet Deploys High-Speed Network to Co-Working ACS Melbourne

VostroNet has deployed our innovative platform and high-speed internet solution to the Australian Computer Society (ACS) new Bay City Labs at 839 Collins Street at Docklands, Melbourne.

The ACS Innovative Hub deployment comes as VostroNet extends its high-speed network infrastructure across co-working sites globally.

As of June this year, ACS relocated its Melbourne offices from South Melbourne to Docklands. This was to cater to a growing number of employees, innovation co-working hub, members work area and public event visitors. One vital component of this expansion was to include a future-proof network.

(A meeting room at Bay City Labs, Docklands)

VostroNet’s co-working solution includes a fast 10 Gbps the site via high-speed fibre. But the hardware was only half of the offering needed for a co-working space solution. VostroNet also deployed its advanced Q2 Software Platform.

Q2 allows ACS staff to administer users to the network easily. It offers helpful analytics, real-time monitoring and the sharing of information securely via the new VostroNet PrivateMesh Technology.

(Example screenshot of VostroNet’s Q2 Platform)

Jonathon Runge, CEO of VostroNet, believes the PrivateMesh Technology is a “breakthrough” in the way users interact with the network.

PrivateMesh creates and manages virtual private LANs, allowing groups to have separate secure networks within a co-working Wi-Fi ecosystem. It means users on a network can share information easily and securely between other devices and users.

VostroNet offers an innovative new solution for co-working spaces, meeting the requirements of this fast-growing industry.

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(VostroNet’s infrastructure within Bay City Labs, Docklands)