VostroNet meets future demand with Core Network Upgrade

Accommodating future growth of a lightning-fast network

VostroNet has upgraded our high-speed network by replacing our Core Router in Sydney to a Juniper MX480 recently. The upgrade has enabled high performance, reliability and scalability for demanding carrier and enterprise applications.

The MX480 sits at eight rack units (8U) and contains an impressive capacity of 5.76Tbps. This is in support of high-density 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE interfaces for connectivity to buildings and service providers. The newly installed router contains highly scalable routing, switching, security, and service features that enable revenue-generated applications.

The MX480 offers VostroNet a a larger capacity of 5.76Tbps

The upgrade comes as VostroNet seeks to meet future client demand, catering for expansion of their lightning fast internet service. Due to the large number of new buildings signing up to the high-speed network, the internet provider has ensured that it able to accommodate for predicted growth, by implementing the required hardware to connect future users.

The Network currently sits at over 20 campuses and buildings with 20,000+ connections, reaching to both Australia and New Zealand. Well on track to reach the goal of 200 buildings by 2020.

The upgrade will allow the company to continue to expand to both residential precincts and student accommodation both in ANZ and internationally.

VostroNet is expanding their network internationally

Prior to this upgrade, VostroNet had been utilising the Juniper MX80, a software scalable and flexible router with a capacity of 160Gbps. The MX80 had met the needs of the network, providing a “pay as you grow” structure. Whilst effective, the capacity was simply not large enough, especially compared to the MX480’s 5.76Tbps and ability to hold multiple full routing tables without concern.

VostroNet’s upgrade to the larger capacity MX480 router ensures that the network is able to accommodate for future demand and growth. VostroNet is excited for the year ahead and can’t wait to see how their network expands to new sites in both Australia and overseas (watch this space for early January).

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