VostroNet Attends AHICE 2019 Hotels Conference

By Patrick Gallagher

A high-speed, complete internet wi-fi solution! That’s the message the network fibre provider VostroNet conveyed to hotel operators and developers at AHICE 2019.

Attending the 2019 AHICE (Australasian Hotel Industry Conference & Exhibition) between May 1-2, VostroNet presented its innovative network software and infrastructure, highlighting the latest technological offering for hotels and short-stay accommodation around Australia and New Zealand.

Held annually, the event draws over 800 owners, hoteliers, suppliers and leading consultants in the hospitality industry. For delegates, it’s an opportunity to talk about the latest trends in the industry, with an emphasis on the future; this year under the umbrella theme of ‘People, Product and Performance in a period of Unprecedented Growth’.

For VostroNet, it’s an opportunity to expand connections in the industry, and present the innovative technology that defines VostroNet’s hotel network solution.

Having established a strong position into the hotel market especially through 2018 with a number of successful deployments, VostroNet has expanded its fibre network to both new and existing hotel developments, offering both the network infrastructure to sites as well as its Q2 property management software. Jonathon Runge, CEO of VostroNet believes the conference was a great success in promoting the VostroNet brand.

“AHICE was a great opportunity to show what VostroNet is doing in the industry, we received a lot of interest for both our network infrastructure and software platform. It goes to show that hotel operators are valuing an end-to-end solution”

VostroNet deploys a 10Gbps fibre link to each site where they then deploy a high-speed wireless internet to rooms, common areas and public spaces.

Users are then connected to VostroNet’s property management software via a portal, which can be customised to the branding of the hotel operator. Named ‘Q2’, the software offers management to easily administer users to the network, make bookings and understand their users and activity via helpful analytics.

With software innovation and reliable high-speed network infrastructure, it is expected to be a big year for VostroNet.

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The VostroNet team at AHICE 2019 covering our innovative Q2 Platform and fibre network across Australia and New Zealand.