Three reasons why a communication channel to building managers is so important

If there is one thing that is constantly conveyed by marketing commentators and academics, it is the importance of strong customer service, and the link it has to customer and brand loyalty. Again and again, studies show how satisfied customers are linked with well-defined customer services.

But these services shouldn’t be limited to the end consumer. What if that same customer service and communication structure could be applied to building managers by their internet service provider? And what reasons would you implement this structure?

1) Ensures that all parties are in the loop

The importance of a strong communication channel between the organisation and a building manager is that the building manager is connected to the various other suppliers, trades, customers and committee. This ability to ensure that all parties are in the loop is key. Having an escalation process in place at each site ensures that managers are aware of who to contact in the event that there is accidental or necessary interference with the service by others.

This is appealing to a project development team, owners, and onsite managers, as there is greater efficiency in communication with the internet provider. This has a positive flow-on effect to the end consumer, ensuring that they stay updated with service information when and if they contact the building manager.

2) Building managers want that quick response time

For a building manager facing an interference in a building’s connection, they would want to know that someone has already identified the issue and is addressing it. In the event of a service issue, a representative of the ISP should be in contact with the building manager as soon as possible.

VostroNet, for instance, has adopted a Support and Networks Operations Teams which are live 24/7/365 to monitor equipment and service. All of the monitoring of performance is in real-time, ensuring an issue can be addressed as soon as it occurs. We also have a dedicated Support Escalation Manager for this particular purpose

3) Happy stakeholders

An efficient communication structure flows onto the building tenants in ensuring they do not experience interference in service. In the event of a connection issue, the end consumer generally contacts the building manager to find out about potential connection difficulties.

By ensuring the building manager knows what is happening and who to contact, they in turn, become an integral part of the success of the product. The manager will be speaking directly to a representative of the company, with the relevant information being passed on to the tenant. This ensures a high quality product as all stakeholders remain happy and informed.

This model works to ensure that the end-consumer stays online and all stakeholders remain happy, complaint free.

What can we conclude from this?

A strong communication channel between an organisation and building managers, ensures that customers remain happy.

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