Enhancing your Wireless Environment with a Management Platform

By VostroLabs

Have you ever wondered how many Wi-Fi networks your phone has connected to? From the shopping centre Wi-Fi, the airport Wi-Fi or home Wi-Fi, the number is high. Having wireless connectivity to public and shared spaces has become a standard any development, and often just deployed without thought.

But what if the provider can go above and beyond just providing wireless internet. What if your Wi-Fi service can improve productivity, workflows, identify crucial information on user habits and provide your management control over the space?

VostroLabs has identified the main ways its Q2 Software Platform improves your wireless space.

Wireless Analytics

A network is more than just fast internet. It can also be utilised by management to understand your wireless areas, via helpful data analytics.

For instance, VostroLab’s Q2 Software Platform provides you with helpful information such as peak usage times to identify when users are on the network the most. Administration can then allocate resources accordingly, i.e. ensuring staff are present during busy periods. Q2’s analytics capability can be found below.

Notably, Q2’s location-awareness further accompanies the platform’s functionality by identifying where network users are located around the area.

Management can implement:

  1. Staffing alerts for when a congregation of people reaches a certain level
  2. Tailored customer experience by knowing which amenities are being used
  3. Targeted marketing based on areas/shops the user has visited.

Location awareness, therefore, provides management with a useful tool to learn about your wireless area.

Security on the network

Security and data privacy should be paramount when connecting to the network. VostroLabs have ensured the Q2 Software Platform incorporates the highest of network security. This is evident via user-based authentication and VostroLab’s innovative PrivateMesh Network.

User-base authentication

The Q2 Software Platform ensures the highest network security mechanisms. VostroLabs incorporates Enterprise authentication, implementing stronger security by assigning user and passwords for individual accounts. 

VostroLab’s PrivateMesh

An essential security feature of a shared Wi-Fi network is “private vLAN”, which restricts devices on a network from communicating with each other. This feature is crucial in preventing users from being exposed to attacks/hacking from unknown parties.

A major downside of private vLAN has been that friendly devices cannot connect to each other. This restricts sharing and casting between devices (e.g. file sharing, casting, Google Home, individual Wi-Fi printers).

VostroLab’s innovate Q2 Software Platform has addressed this hurdle by using point-and-click Wi-Fi software that enables the creation of private groups (“PrivateMesh”) of devices. These devices are not restricted from communicating with each other but are protected from all other devices.

This ensures network users can share information easily and securely between users and devices. This is beneficial in a co-working space environment, this could mean 20+ different Wi-Fi networks. The technology allows for easy allocation of users and devices to a ‘PrivateMesh Group’

Control over the network

Another way the wireless connection can go above and beyond is via the control it provides administration. The Q2 Software Platform, for instance, allows operators and building managers to dynamically adjust user device and network management to suit their requirements without complex configuration or specialist network staff.

The Platform provides administrators with:

  1. Management over network users and spaces via room and resource management
  2. Auto account creation on check-in/out
  3. Optional billing and integration into major property management systems

They can restrict usage if users exceed a specified time, manage their download quantity and set specified network speeds. There are a range of network plans to cater to different user requirements.

Works with the other applications you are using

Another crucial feature of a network software platform is the ability to integrate with other content providers. VostroLab’s Q2 platform automates processes, integrating with major apps and allowing the user to build and manage workflows with ease. 

This includes using open APIs for direct integration, major PMS plug-ins and with Zapier with 1500+ applications and

Customisable branding

Customise the Q2 Software Platform to reflect your brand image. Branding is matched to the operator. This allows for easy onboarding and end-user adoption. The Platform uses either standard built-in templates with a simple logo change or full CSS and HTML changes.

Q2 enables management to display gateway page displaying useful information to guests specifically (e.g. map and facilities, things to do, events coming up, parking and other useful information)

VostroLabs Q2 Software Platform

VostroLabs have developed an innovative software platform to enhance wireless environments. The Platform provides management with control at their fingertips and helpful analytics about the network.

Find out more about VostroLab’s Q2 Software Platform.