Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi as a driver of increased sales

There’s nothing more appealing for a customer then connecting to a public network when they’re on the go. Free public internet means the customer is off their mobile data, connected to Wi-Fi throughout their stay in that public area; they stay for longer, embrace the environment and are satisfied during their visit.

This is the appeal to developers. By having the customer stay in their public space, they are able to capture their focus, encouraging the user to make purchases. In fact, Business Insider found that 62% of customers are more likely to stay in a facility when Wi-Fi is offered. So how can a business then harness this service, and what do they need to do to ensure high-quality Wi-Fi?

Customisable to build brand value

So you’ve made the leap to install Wi-Fi in your public area, so how best can we maximise the effect of this service on the end user? The answer is customising the internet portal to your brand image.

Let’s take the example of a mixed-use development. The investment to such an asset will result in visitors accessing the internet while enjoying the public spaces, such as retail areas, restaurants and cafes, and any other shared spaces. The precinct management can inform of product and service specials or offerings via the digital platform and greet customers to the spaces via a branded login page.

Where there are residential lots as a part of the same precinct, residents are also greeted by customisable software as they move from their apartment to the precinct shops. What’s the takeaway? Harness public Wi-Fi and a white-labelled platform for your development in order to use the service as a brand building tool.

(VostroNet’s log-in screen, pictured front, can be customised to reflect your brand image)

VostroNet, for instance, provides our Q2 Platform which includes the ability to customise the public Wi-Fi interface to suit the developer’s brand image.

Is the entirety of your space Wi-Fi connected?

Your customer is walking throughout your public space and the mobile coverage or even worse the offered Wi-Fi drops out, they’re frustrated!

They try to reconnect, walking a few steps left and right to find a signal. Having Wi-Fi dropouts directly comes down to an inability of initial planning by the internet company to ‘map’ where wireless access points (waps) need to be and how many are required. Thorough infrastructure planning, or auditing before deployment will ensure the wireless connection stretches throughout the building or public space.

Wi-Fi enables a business to distribute digital media, run promotions and convert users to customers; by undertaking thorough planning will mean the service stays online and are able to see your digital marketing.

Before deployment, VostroNet conducts thorough tests to ensure the wireless connections cover all spaces. To do so, they conduct heatmap studies, signal strengthening and 3D simulation of buildings. Don’t be left high and dry with the connection, make sure the tests are done to keep users online at any time, anywhere.

Data analytics to help business and boost customer satisfaction

One of the most beneficial features of public Wi-Fi to a business is the ability to receive data analytics, and more businesses both small and large are harnessing this data. According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Wi-Fi Analytics Market in 2017 was valued at $3.25 billion and is expected to reach $29.65 billion by 2026.

Analytics are crucial in providing a business with an insight to what their customers are interested in, their movement in store to help improve in-store operations and promotions and identify peak usage times to request more staff and to see the areas in your location that customers miss or don’t spend much time in.

An airport, for instance, might use the data from public Wi-Fi to learn more about travellers by asking where they come from and the travel destination in which they’re heading. Likewise, a retailer may use analytics to see what days/time of day is busiest for their business.

How do I ensure that the quality is high?

The performance of the network is only as good as the technology that runs the service. By using the latest Wi-Fi technology, you ensure the connection maintains stability and strength, giving consumers the best experience possible.

VostroNet, for instance, uses a minimum of 802.11ac Wireless Access Points from the market leading manufacturer HPE Aruba to distribute public Wi-Fi. Aruba waps are proven, industry standard technology which fuels VostroNet’s ability to reach users in a public environment. A single wireless access mesh environment can connect hundreds of devices at one time, and the technology provides VostroNet with a) position tracking data, b) tracking of usage and signal strength and C) allows users to move between multiple sites seamlessly.

To ensure your customers receive the highest-quality of Wi-Fi, invest in the technology. After all, their satisfaction is your brand growth!

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