A mixed-use internet for community-driven precincts

They are some of the most impressive construction projects in Australia! Large, mixed-use developments, reinventing the notion of community and city living.

Developers are catering to everyday living, including large multi-story towers, home to commercial tenants, apartments, hotels and retail tenants. A resident can live, work, shop and socialise all within the precinct.

One of the most crucial aspects of these developments is the internet network. Specifically, a network that can cater to the various solutions needed for mixed-use developments. So what is required for a mixed-use precinct and how can a network add value to the community?

Catering to different network uses

When we speak of mixed-use precincts, what are we referring to? According to the Victorian Planning Authority, a mixed-use precinct has ‘higher density housing, commercial and retail services and facilities to support employment areas’.

(Miniature cities, mixed-use developments create future communities)

Mixed-use precincts are designed to accommodated future-living. A resident can live, work and shop without leaving the precinct. And these communities are on the rise.

The Sydney Morning Herald published an article in October 2018 on the rise of mixed-use developments in the Sydney CBD. The Herald stated that this growth is on the back of increased level of interest from purchasers who are seeking CBD office, hotel and student accommodation sites.

What network solution is required for a mixed-use precinct?

A network provider must cater to each component of mixed-use development. From the initial fibre backbone to the development, internal network infrastructure and distribution of both indoor and public wireless throughout the site.

It’s important to note that more than one network solution may be required for these precincts. Residential connection requirements will differ to say a hotel connection. Whilst a residential FTTP is necessary for residents, a building-wide wi-fi mesh solution is delivered to any hotel lots and their shared spaces as wireless access points require power over ethernet.

Another factor of these developments is integration and ensuring a seamless connection throughout the complete development site. Enabling residents to walk around the precinct and remain connected to their own internet plan at high speed. If you’re a developer of a mixed-use precinct, it’s essential to sign with a network provider who can deliver these solutions.

Integrated Precinct

Building a seamless, integrated precinct enables the resident or guest to move around the precinct and remain connected to Wi-Fi. A development promoting future communities must ensure it has a future-proof network connecting its residents.

The VostroNet network, for instance, enables residents, employees or guests to move around the precinct and remain connected to their private network.

(Use your devices from anywhere in a mixed-use precinct. From the onsite cafè to your apartment and everything in between).

VostroNet deploys wireless throughout the precincts we deploy to, enabling Wi-Fi connectivity no matter where the user is. The VostroNet Q2 Software Platform also provides helpful information to precinct management to improve their wireless areas.

Software to value-add

VostroNet’s Q2 Platform also provides building management with helpful insights into their wireless areas and users within the precinct.

Generic analytics provide building management with an insight into visitor, customers and guest activity around the precinct. Q2 can show their movement around shared spaces to help improve building operations and promotions. Likewise, identify peak usage times to request more staff to cater for large groups of people, or see the areas in your location that users don’t spend much time in.

The Q2 Platform is also used in a hotel application and to manage internet for retail, commercial and co-working spaces. Precinct/building management can also inform of services and offerings onsite via the digital platform and greet residents, customers and guests to the spaces via a customised branded login page.

VostroNet Network

VostroNet is an expert in building future-proof network solutions to mixed-use precincts. We cater to each component of developments, acting as a network wholesaler for the residential tenancies, a direct seller of commercial internet to businesses onsite, and deployment of integrated wireless solutions to hotel lots and Wi-Fi to shared areas.

VostroNet has extensive experience in building integrated network solutions to precincts across the country. Residents can move throughout their building and remain connected to their own private network.

Find out more about the VostroNet Q2 Software Platform and our network solutions to mixed-use developments.