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Meet your new VostroNet user portal

VostroNet is excited to introduce our new easy-to-use user portal! Found via the log-in prompts on the VostroNet website, the new layout ensures all your account information is stored in one space, including:

  • Your current data plan
  • Payment plan
  • Renewal date
  • The number of devices connected to your plan
  • Your personal details

The upgrade to the portal provides VostroNet users access to their information quickly, allowing the account holder to have a mental model of their information; personalising the interaction between the user and the VostroNet services.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is home to all of your account information and is provided to you in an easy-to-read layout:

From here you can navigate to your plan information, add or remove connected devices and keep your details up-to-date.

Plan Information and Billing

At the top of the dashboard you will find ‘your plan information’, providing the details of your selected plan, data usage in real-time and payment options.

You can change your VostroNet plan by simply clicking the ‘change plan’ tab to the right of the screen and follow the prompts:

VostroNet offers monthly no lock-in contracts, with unlimited data for $59 a month.


Curious about how many devices you have can have connected to your account? The VostroNet portal displays how many you can have connected to your plan as well as the number of devices that are currently connected.

If you want to see when you consumed some data for an individual device, click the file icon next to the device to download a usage report. We have also made the portal background a little fun with it being a live graph of your usage over the last 4 hours.

This can be found at the bottom-right hand corner of the dashboard.


Do you have a question about our new portal layout, or about the services we provide? VostroNet has embedded our 24/7/365 customer support within the portal, answering any questions you have without delay.

Head to to meet your new VostroNet user portal.

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