Embedded Network Internet: What you need to know

A one-stop-shop for developers and their residents. That is the appeal of an embedded network offering. Bundling the electricity, gas and water acts as a convenience for developers when constructing a site.

It’s also becoming more common to supply the internet as a part of these offerings. Often the default is to obtain an NBN connection, but this can often be to the disadvantage of the embedded network provider, the developer and the residents.

So what are your options when choosing a network provider, and why is it so important to choose a value-adding product? VostroNet will explore the importance of choosing a high-speed network to bundle into your embedded network offering.

How does internet value-add to developers and their residents?

If there is one thing the COVID-19 period taught us, it’s how much we rely on a high-speed network. A high-speed, uninterrupted internet connection is crucial for any developer when constructing a new site. So why not include this for your residents?

A high-speed fibre network can add value to your offering by providing residents with one less thing to worry about when moving into a new house/apartment. Get them connected to the network from the moment they enter through the door. But what features should an embedded network provider look for to value-add to their offering?

As working from home becomes more popular, provide clients with a high-speed internet solution.

#1 – Fast internet

First and foremost, residents require high-speed, uninterrupted internet. Choose a provider that offers a high-bandwidth fibre backbone to ensure the development can cater to both present and future demand.

VostroNet offers high-speed fibre-to-the-point internet with retail service providers on our network offering plans of up to 1 Gbps via our fibre network.

#2 – Integrated Wi-Fi and services

The next consideration is whether the building or precinct has wireless internet throughout its common and shared spaces. Choose an internet provider that offers integrated wireless throughout the site, ensuring residents can move around the building or precinct and remain connected to the wireless network. From their apartment to the cafe downstairs and everything in between.

VostroNet deploys an wireless mesh around each building and precinct for resident and guest use.

For developers, having IP-based services run over the network, such as CCTV and intercom is also a value add. VostroNet, for instance, installs integrated wireless throughout each of its sites, ensuring residents can move around the site and remain connected to their own private network. We also offer IP-based services to run over our network at no cost to the developer.

#3 – Ready on Day One

When bundling in an NBN connection, there is a risk of delays. It may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get residents online. This becomes a risk to the developer as it can reflect negatively on their brand and offering. It’s essential to choose a network provider that delivers on timeframes.

VostroNet offers a guarantee (day-one-guarantee) to ensure the network is ready to use upon building completion, ensuring residents can use the network from the moment they walk through the door. We make it easier for residents to connect by pre-installing the NTD (network termination device) enclosures and wi-fi router-modem into each residence. Our software platform then easily connects the user to their network plan.

#4 – Choice of Retail Service Providers (RSPs)

VostroNet is a network wholesaler, providing a choice of RSPs on our network. This is a value-add to an embedded network provider as they are delivering choice to both developers and residents.

VostroNet also allows an embedded network provider to bundle in the telecommunication services by using their own RSP on its network.

#5 – 24/7 Support

A significant shortfall when bundling in an NBN connection is ongoing support and maintenance. The NBN’s engagement finishes at the installation, and any ongoing maintenance and support are through the service provider. This can often result in delays in getting users reconnected in the event of an issue.

VostroNet is an end-to-end network provider and monitors and manages our network 24/7. We perform maintenance and upgrades on our network post-deployment, keeping residents online.

What benefits are there for the embedded networks provider?

We’ve discussed the benefits of bundling in a network provider for the developer and their residents. But what benefits can a quality network connection offer for the embedded network provider?

Example of VostroNet’s Fibre-to-Premises solution within a building’s MDF (Main Distribution Frame) room

A quality network connection will add value to your offering by providing a hassle-free service to developers and their residents. As an embedded network provider, you can advertise this high-speed service to potential clients.

What does VostroNet provide to embedded network providers?

VostroNet offers flexibility when discussing with embedded network providers to ensure they are receiving savings. We work together with embedded network providers to ensure their clients and end-users receive a future-proof fibre network.

VostroNet operates and maintains the infrastructure from the data centre to the in-room wireless routers, and everything in between. This includes a 10 Gbps fibre connection to buildings, which can be upgraded to 40 or 100 Gbps to cater for future network usage.

Our network is ready on day one, ensuring convenience to the developer and allowing residents to connect from the moment they walk through the door.

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