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VostroNet brings high-speed network to New Zealand’s property market

VostroNet continues the expansion of its own high-speed fibre to service New Zealand’s residential, hotels and the student accommodation market. The movement from the fibre provider will see the deployment of its fibre infrastructure to both new and existing developments throughout Auckland, along with all other major cities across the country.

New Zealand is not unfamiliar with VostroNet, with the company already having an established connection in the Auckland Data Centre starting April 2016.

Historically, New Zealand has had a positive record with internet deployment, with consecutive governments investing in John Key’s all-fibre, ultra-fast broadband network. Despite this, there are still spaces for improvement, in order to compete with world leaders in internet deployment. Akamai’s 2017 State of the Internet Report finding New Zealand ranked 27th in the world for internet speeds.

When it comes to internet fibre, there are a number of criteria that developers look for. Jonathon Runge, CEO of VostroNet (New Zealand) Limited believes that it is more than speeds that developers look for when choosing internet options.

“Developers are searching for lower costs and a completely tailored network solution, providing internet to all areas of their development such as public and common areas.”

VostroNet does just this, offering a tailored network solution for the developer, emphasising cost and speeds as their two key market-defining features. In conjunction, the fibre provider emphasises the ability to provide numerous network solutions to the non-apartment components of a development.

“VostroNet is a feature rich option for developers; we are providing high-speed internet throughout all spaces of the building, as well as all the over-IP services such as intercom and MATV.”

VostroNet continues to expand its network throughout both Australia and New Zealand to residential towers, hotels, build-to-rent, student accommodation, public Wi-Fi and co-working environments.


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