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Five Criteria for Selecting Student Accommodation

#1 — Location, Location, Location

Whether you are a new student, or looking at entering the student accommodation market, choosing where you are going to live is a very big decision. There are a lot of different options available, such as living at home, renting a house a with friends, or going solo in an apartment or purpose-built student accommodation. The growing number of domestic and international students in Australia has meant developers are undertaking new projects to cater for this demand, giving more choice to students.

But with so many living options available, how do you know you are making the right decision? VostroNet has composed a list of five criterion to assist you with your choice.

Location, Location, Location

An important factor when choosing student accommodation is location. Whilst living further away from the university can reduce rental costs, it can be time consuming to travel; not to mention tolling on the bank account with high transport costs.

Fortunately, most purpose-built student accommodation is located close to universities. But what about location with respect to other important services? Are you able to walk to the shops, the doctor, to the movies, or the nightlife? We suggest that before you make a decision, spend some time around the local area to see how close the accommodation is to important services.


Cost of rent is a significant influence on your decision to choose student accommodation. As stated, by living closer to the university, rental costs may be higher. Depending on your budget, it may be worth paying a little bit extra to avoid a longer commuting time to your studies every week.

It is also important when choosing accommodation that you look at the different services that may be included in the rental cost by the building; that is, essential services such as utilities. Usually, student accommodation buildings will offer the package of utilities such as water, electricity and gas. This is contrasted against private renting where you will have to manage these utilities yourself.

We suggest enquiring whether the bills are all included in a single invoice, which will ease the burden on your busy study life.


If the thought of cleaning the pool or mowing the lawns doesn’t appeal to you, then purpose-built accommodation may be the way to go. Student accommodation buildings usually offer maintenance and repair services for the building.

In the event of a fault with the room, the resident is able to contact the building manager to organise repair. This tends to be quicker than requesting maintenance for private accommodation as tenants must go through their landlord.


Another important criterion for choosing student accommodation is the ability to stay connected. Reliable, fast internet can make the difference as to whether you can study at your residence, meaning you can finish that pending assignment without worry of an internet outage.

Likewise, trustworthy internet with 24/7 support services can ensure you aren’t without Netflix or YouTube for that necessary procrastination.

VostroNet is an internet service provider that provides unlimited lightning fast internet to student accommodation for $59 a month and with many locations our internet package is included in the room cost. Our 24/7/365 customer service ensures you remain connected.


Understanding the security systems in place at the building is a big influence in the decision-making process for student accommodation. We all want our belongings to be safe, that is why security features such as CCTV, FOB keys, intercoms and manned receptions are appealing.

So what is the conclusion?

There are many options available when choosing student accommodation. It is important to note that everyone is different and the option for your friends may not necessarily the option for you. Conducting comprehensive research into the different options available will ensure you are making the right decision.

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