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Cutting edge internet delivered to start-up incubator River City Labs

VostroNet has re-designed the network for River City Labs at Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, to provide a world-class internet solution for its users.

River City Labs, a not-for-profit incubator, is a focal point for Australia’s up and coming tech entrepreneurs and had requested VostroNet’s assistance to improve the internet experience at the location.

VostroNet has installed its own fibre and copper cable on-site, accompanied by 14 Aruba Wi-Fi access points to ensure high-speed internet is provided to the many start-up technology companies who use the modern facilities.

River City Labs offers state of the art facilities for start-up tech companies

The Problem: Connectivity Issues for River City Labs

Having grown rapidly (250+ users during peak times), the previous network infrastructure for River City Labs was unable to support the high demand. There was constant feedback regarding frequent drop-outs, speed issues, interference with other wi-fi in the precinct and others leaching access due to wi-fi password complexity.

Open workbench spaces located within River City Labs. All now upgraded to high-speed Wi-Fi.

As the Labs are an important entity for fostering the growth of entrepreneurs and their companies’, providing superior internet speeds and performance to these spaces is crucial for the facilitation of leading-edge ideas.River City Labs CEO, Peta Ellis recognises the need for high-speed internet, and its role in providing ‘state of the art facilities’ for the start-up technology companies who are a part of the ecosystem.

“At River City Labs we are home to over 100 tech entrepreneurs who require superior quality connectivity to operate their businesses on a daily basis,” she said.

With the previous Network layout unable to meet the requirements of the River City Labs, VostroNet was asked to conduct a network and Wi-Fi analysis to provide a solution for the site.

Ekahau Spectrum Channel Power for River City Labs on 2.4 GHz band

The Solution: VostroNet’s Network

An on-site survey and assessment conducted by the VostroNet confirmed the four access points that were present were inadequate to provide the service that is required.

The assessment identified that 4 access points was simply not sufficient for the density with an actual requirement of 14 Wi-Fi access points needed. New Aruba IAP 215 access points with 802.11ac were installed and clustered together to provide seamless handoff.

One of the 14 Wi-Fi access points being tested by a VostroNet network engineer with NetScout AirCheck G2

New wired infrastructure (Aruba 2930F Switches) has replaced the basic switching to provide Layer 2 separation between each device with Private vLans. This protects individuals from potential broadcast storms, open port scanning and data comm zero day venerabilities.

Lastly, VostroNet then introduced a network appliance for user management, QoS and device management queuing to provide stable sustainable internet to each user, ensuring that there was fair distribution of available bandwidth.

All together they provided significant improvements in the network performance and dramatically increase security.

The solution will ensure River City Labs would be able to experience the required high internet speeds and performance, as well as catering for future client growth.

The change has been evidenced across the site, as evidenced through a twitter post by River City Labs’ chair Steve Baxter, displaying fast connection speeds (pictured below). 50/50mbps with burst allocated to each device on RCL’s network

The Future: River City Labs’ Network

River City Labs is the latest building to adopt VostroNet’s network services, with Members now experiencing uninterrupted, fast connectivity throughout the facility. This will ensure the Labs will be able to cater for future growth in users, as well as increased events capacity.

“We are looking forward to working with VostroNet as their track record of delivering consistent quality internet and supporting infrastructure is very high,” Ms Ellis stated.

The VostroNet team recognises the importance of ensuring fast internet is provided to the River City Labs, and are excited to meet their future network requirements.

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