3 Criteria That Your Tenants Look for in a Internet Provider

#1 — Unlimited internet is a priority

With the rise of the Internet of Things controlling everything from home lights, televisions, watches, or even your latest toaster purchase, a strong network is crucial for everyday life. What users look for in their internet provider is constantly changing, subject to the growing presence of the internet in day-to-day tasks.

From video streaming services, the way we purchase goods and services, socialise with friends and family, and conduct work, the internet has defined the very fabric of our lives. It’s the first thing that many of us engage with when we wake up, and the last thing we see before we go to bed.

The importance of a strong internet connection is undoubtable. When choosing a network provider for your tenants, it is therefore important to know the key criterion that meets the needs of your tenants and building managers.

#1 — Unlimited Internet

With the growth of streaming services such as Netflix and Stan, video-sharing sites such as YouTube and a plethora of social media, the need for unlimited internet has never been higher.

Users now look for unlimited data plans to meet high internet downloads, as customers don’t want to be bound by a data limit. The number of devices that rely on data has increased rapidly, with a study from Telsyte last year found that Australian residences have an average of 11 internet-connect devices, predicted to grow in coming years to 29. Just to re-state, that’s 29 devices that are connected to the internet!

The future is ensuring that all devices are connected to unlimited internet. For a project developer, having a network provider that offers an unlimited data plan for tenants will bring value to their brand.

#2 — High-speed Connection

It goes without saying, the number one complaint users have about their provider is connection speed. How many times have you found yourself saying how “slow” your internet is? Fast internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity and it’s sought by the whole of Australia.

With a reliance on devices and services that require high-connection speeds, tenants look for a fast, uninterrupted network. But according to Akamai’s annual internet report, high-speed connectivity is not something that every building can enjoy. According to the report, Australia placed far below the usual standard of a developed country: currently residing behind Kenya, a country with GDP per capita roughly 3% of Australia’s.

Australia ranks 50th globally for average internet speeds, at 11.1 Mbps (Akaimai, 2017).

To accompany this, the annual global advisor survey run by Ipsos, found that Australians are more unsatisfied with their broadband than any of the 27 other countries that participated in the survey. High-speed internet is therefore crucial for your tenants and is a great feature when increasing the value of your brand.

#3 — Month-to-month Contracts

An important feature that consumers look for in an internet provider is that of month-to-month contracts. The most obvious benefit of these contracts is that consumers are not locked-in with any provider, enabling them to leave at any time. This gives the tenant freedom of choice and ensures they don’t feel locked in into an agreement.

Alternatively, a user may wish to sign a fixed contract of say 12 or 24 months. The benefit to this contract is that the chosen provider may offer broadband bundles and other deals such as access to video streaming such as Netflix and Stan. Likewise, the provider may also waive the setup fees.


The network provider VostroNet offers unlimited high-speed internet to your tenants by offering a 10,000 Mbps pipe to your building. Their 24/7/365 monitored support network will ensure users, and your building, remain connected to the lightning-fast network. VostroNet offers month-to-month plans with no lock-in contract or hidden costs, as they believe the high-quality and fast internet service they provide will retain users.


As an important auxiliary service to your building, it is crucial that you choose the right internet provider. Users now look for unlimited data plans, high-speed internet and month-to-month contracts as key features of their connection. VostroNet makes the choice for a provider easy by offering a high-speed service with unlimited $59 month-to-month plans for your tenants.

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